Moments we'll cherish later !!

Moments we'll cherish later, someday, maybe !!

on the banks of Rapti, you can capture memories.


break free..HAPPY NEW YEAR 2068

break free..ain't worth holding yourself.

happy new year 2068. All I want to wish you all is 'BREAK FREE'.


those were the days, there ain't much left now !!

Cherishing good o'days !

Two seniors talking with each other in Basantpur Durbar Square, Kathmandu.


sail sail...sail through the roads...

Oh ya, sail sail..sail through 'em

Sail, sail, all the way !!

sail, sail, sail through the roads,
with beer in your hands,
live a love, feel the chill
..what if, if everything ends...

What if... ?!?

dizzy and the swings, laughter and the energies..
unaware and real unaware i am, f--- the happenings


Flowers float as celebrations go !

lit for world Peace at Boudha !

Prayers as a part of the 900 years Celebration of Karmapa at Boudha Stupa, Kathmandu. The celebration is for two days, 17th -19th of March. 

Stop by, pray for all.

flowers float on holy water !!

A monk's stare !!


Pokhara city, always amazing !

Captivating Pokhara

Pokhara city, always captivating, always thrilling and always a nice place to spend some quality time.

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The view, twists and turns !

The Himalaya from a distance.

Beautiful view of the Himalaya from one of the hills of Kathmandu.

The twists and turns of Nepal.


small 'shivas' behind the SHIVA.

Small 'shivas' behind THE SHIVA.

Behind THE SHIVA remain the small Shivas. This above pictured images is from a place across the Bagmati River and has 15 votive shrines, the Pandra Shivalaya, which were built to enshrine lingas in memory of deceased persons between 1859 and 1869 AD. 


The downtown, crazy ideas and me !I

i sip a ton when i'm alone !!

..well, here I am. With this new office and no people coming in, i've got plenty of time to think. Think of my crazy ideas, plan nothing and surf through the never ending blizzard of babbles. 

and then i think, what's the harm. I ain't harming anyone, so got it all. got it all to play around, play around my foolish dreams. 

'dreams huh', she whispered. 

'where did you come from', I shrugged. that's the way she is. just comes in and you have no idea of what you're going to get. 
 ............(from the book 'sanguine stupid') 

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Waiting for the 'incredible' Adams.

here I am

here we are

A secure success of the BRYAN LIVE means K-town'll get more Rock stars in future.

Find 'em on DEMOTIX

the queue outside the D-Stadium to watch Bryan Adams perform live

Mr. Adams is the first western rock star to perform live in K-town. The thrill could be seen in every single one who bought the 'invitation' to watch him rock live in the nation's oldest stadium.

and yes, try to oppose alcohol if you can Mr. Adams.
 There is no reason for anyone to disagree, however, they've got the bucks and that's how mr. Adams came to our k-town. Overall, we've opened our doors for the world and that's good.

watch him - prolly u'll enjoy if u missed.


All roads lead to here...!!

The main entrance of Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Jai Sambhoo !! Bhole baba ki Jai. All roads lead to here on the 2nd of March. Get ready for some real fun ya.....

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Walk the walk

Women busy talking as walkers pass by.


Guarded prayers !

An armed police guards the Pashupatinath Temple in the evening !

Guarded prayers on the Pashupatinath Temple. Security has increased as Shivaratri, the holiest night of Lord Shiva nears.

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Black and white bloom.

  The lonely bloom

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Then bank of Bagmati, sewage and Lord SHIVA !

Bagmati river behind the holy Pashupatinath Temple !

According to a popular legend that is recorded in local texts, especially the Nepalamahatmya and the Himavatkhanda, the Hindu god Shiva once fled from the other gods in Varanasi(a holy pilgrimage site in India) to Mrigasthali(the forest on the opposite bank of the Bagmati River from the temple). There, in the form of a gazelle, he slept with his consort Parvati. When the gods discovered him there and tried to bring him back to Varanasi, he leapt across the river to the opposite bank, where one of his horns broke into four pieces. After this, Shiva became manifest as Pashupati (Lord of Animals) in a four-face (chaturmukha) linga.

SHIVARATRI is next door, Sadhus have started gearing up for one of the craziest days of the year yet the bank of Bagmati river is still the same. The smell of POT is lovely but how can you handle the smell of sewage LORD SHIVA ? 

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