Caption please !!

I've been to places, witnessed crazy stuffs, captured thousands of images but whenever I scan through my storage, I get stuck on this. I've been trying to Caption this for a long time but still clueless on 'WHAT' to name it. Gave up, it's here and it's YOU who should suggest me something....

Folks..throw your ideas, let me put a Caption now. 

Or may be some research 'll help...

The chill and the IDLE stuffs !

It used to be bad, bad that you really can't think of anything else besides trying to find a place to warm your body. And, if, on top of that, you are single and has to cuddle up alone at nights, it's disgusting.

I was used to her. She used to come by, organize my mess and leave silently. The schedule was more frequent when I had nobody at my home. I'm kinda lazy when it comes to early mornings. The chirping of the birds made me restless at times. But, well, she's gone now. Nightmares wake me up and all I can find alongside is the same stinking quilt and glossy pillows.

(...from the book 'S Stupid)


All I can say is 'Thank You'

It's cold and I mean it. I haven't seen sunshine in like 4 days now. The chill penetrates all the way in. The biggest wish you can make at this moment is to ask for a nice and warm weather and that too, soon. Moreover, if your government is cruel enough not to have you lights and electricity (still happens), you are in a mess. 

Sometimes, after having visited the US and Europe, you still can't believe that not having conducive environment to write your dreams, tell your tales is a curse. You sleep, wish for some sort of energy to keep you warm and then, nothing's there. You dream of stories, wanna jot 'em immediately and then, can't make it through the pitch dark mess of your own room. Well, we can have candles too, but you know, one of those days when you forgot to buy 'em and suffer : )

But then, there's this feeling when you are able to afford a nice and warm blanket and be able to cuddle up, smile and feel asleep. Nothing overshadows the luxury of being able to smile and sleep a deep in this freaking weather. All I can say is 'Thank You'. May be there's still a vast majority who can only wish for such a warm stay inside your cozy corner. Thank you, I'm blessed.