If it's STOCKS, it's NOW !

Things are changing and they are changing fast. It's been already a while that STOCKS are taking over TRADITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY. Stocks simply provides the luxury to the Art Directors or say Photo Buyers to sit at their place and browse over hundreds of thousands of Images available. 

STOCKS are also a good way to separate yourself from the rest of the crowd. I am talking this in regards to the Aspiring Photographers who are looking for ways to make a mark. Make a mark or say start producing Images that BUYERS like. BUYERS mean EXPERTS looking for Images that can represent or satisfy their IMAGE needs. If you manage to sell your Images to one of these Experts, that simply means that you have produced an INDUSTRY STANDARD image. 

Producing Industry Standard Images needs quiet a persistence. Besides, you need to know what SELLS. You also need to equip yourself with the current trends in the market. Current trends means what's in demand. 

Selling your Images consistently is also a part of the tremendous learning you've done. Learning theories and applying those theories while capturing Images. The point I'm trying to make here is to tell you about the JOURNEY that had excited me 'a while ago'. I've done my part, am happy and want to share my learning. YOU can be the next acclaimed STOCK PHOTOGRAPHER only if you are willing to put forth the tremendous efforts that's needed. And yes, it's the truth that to start your Journey into the STOCKS, you need to start. You got to start somewhere and my e-book might just help you get an overall idea about the STOCKS.

I'm glad to get 'thumbs up' from my friends. Amazon has considered my e-book on STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY as one of the books to refer to (in case if you're looking into STOCKS). This is a great Joy. These are the snapshots I received from my very good friends as they also received the recommendations : ))

Thank you all for purchasing my book. Hope I helped a little in your Journey in the complex world of stock photography.

Thank you friend : )

Thank you : )

You can buy my e-book, ''STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY -in a nutshell-'' from almost all retailers. Here're the links to the book.

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Tribute !

There used to be days when I spent hours watching Cricket. The game was widely played; in many corners of the world. I had the privilege to spend two of my important student years in India and there is where I started to get to know the game. I used to team up with my cousin brothers and we started sharing the same passion. Even after my return, back to my country of origin, I kept playing it. However, I wasn't in the mood to continue it further, just played here and there, purely for fun.

Sachin's personalized digital Signature for GRU

Cricket worships people with stats. And whenever there's a roll call, one name stands out. He is none other than Sachin. He's got enough stats under his belt to be considered one of the greatest cricketers we've ever seen. The name is a respect in itself. And the good thing is, I got to see the genius play, live.


Sports unite. Being a cricket lover at one stage of my life, I tribute this post for the man who dedicated a major tenure for the game. Many countries seem to have progressed much in the field of Cricket these days and yet, there're numerous inspirational knocks that cricket enthusiasts still get inspired from.

Sachin's personalized signature for NEPTOUR

The man is retiring and the ongoing Cricket between India and West Indies is his last. His departure from the International Cricket is sad but like they say, everything's got to end. The end has come, finally. 


Some Free reads on Sachin

Some of Sachin's records:

Thank you Sachin.

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The precious WHISPERS !

Moments like this come rare. A country where 'wild' is sort of friendly in places like Chitwan, you get to encounter stuffs like this once in a while. Chitwan National Park is home to friendly ELEPHANTS. Besides, if you manage to become a friend of one of the 'MAHUTS', they let you become friends with their elephants too. It just needs a different approach and some friendly vibes and then you start whispering into 'their' ears.

This is awesome. A very recent trip to Sauraha brought me that amazing opportunity to become a friend to one of the MAHUTS. The Mahut Dai was friendly enough to let me come close and hug his elephant. Even though I was allowed to hug, I spared that chance for next (smiles). The Mahuts, one of the most dedicated people, involve themselves in the upbringing of elephants in Nepal. Our good fortune that we get to meet them, become friends and in return, they let us trespass into their territory to encounter some 'wild' that is always a rare stuff for normal people like us. To tell you the truth, one of my all time favorite thing to do is to be as close to wild and nature as possible. And you all might have guessed by now that this is undoubtedly one of my best moments.

Well, can't describe how glad you feel when you approach them without fear. The elephants in Sauraha are friendly (most of the times :p) but you need to be careful at times too. This boy was friendly enough to let me say, what I wanted to say.

And I whispered, YOU ARE AWESOME : )


Room No. 102

That room no. 102 brought way too many curiosities. I've been kinky about stuffs that didn't quiet make any sense. Yet, I traveled all the way here, looking for some glimpses and answers. She's already gone by now but I never imagined why did she get married. I was coming and I guess she knew it. She knew it that I wasn't going to leave her...leave her on her own to go for decisions. These babbles makes no sense now. I had a dream to hold her, hold her in my arms forever. 

The whispers 'that are still there'

Well, it's 'the part' I guess. We've got to face the many parts of this winding paths. Dreams remain dreams and memories remain memories. Those could be good and bad. Even if they were bad, they became our parts. Our parts that we cherished together. Life's gotta go. She's gotta go too. 

I was happy (guessing) when I was dreaming. Dreamed stories, tales and there are no more of them left. They faded. Faded out of this 'belief' that I had 'one day'. This grin makes me feel stupid. Stupid yet optimistic that I can find someone equally stupid as 'me' someday.
(just my babbles, you don't have to like them or say read them)



Memories !! Memories that will never fade.

Writing always fascinates me. I've tried to write tales, stories, poems and even tried to fuse it with my 'meaning less' photography. The whole idea here is 'simply trying' to do what 'I think', I can do. Simply trying to survive and remind me that I can, at least, jot some words. 

The words have no meanings. Seriously ! I'm surely one of the most flawed personalities I've ever seen. But hey, there's a good side in every one of us. The good side here is the raw hope I can still relate to. Relate to what I used to do once, what I loved once, what I was passionate about once. And like everybody else, I used to be passionate about many things. 

I wrote. Wrote few tales and then the words started to disappear. Disappeared because the furious temptation simply faded away. The urge to have people read my carvings simply died and then the story continued.

It ain't that furious or say the urge ain't that hard these days. Simply jot my babbles to make a tiny mark and remind me that I 'still' can write. I don't know whether the aim of marking my existence can continue in the days to come, yet, I am slightly hopeful that I will do some justice to the characters that I've created once. The characters won't let me sleep, relax or ignore anymore and they keep coming into my conscience. They yell me once in a while and curse me for creating them.

Dude, yes, if I can create them, I can surely bring them here and have YOU go through their stories. They had many things to tell. They had their own secrets embedded into their lives and yes, they were there. They still exist but have been living apart with memories, memories that will NEVER go away. Memories that will never make them apart. Memories that will never fade. Memories that they will cherish forever.