The year 2037 !

: )

You know, it's 2037 already. 

Ya, ya I know.

I've been looking for you all over, where did you go?

Well, I was busy. She replied. 

One more, one more to go or say one more addition in the world of bizarre thoughts; bizarre circumstances. She started again.

I knew she would reply exactly like this.

It was year 2010 when we celebrated the very first day with a bit of a romance. Do you still remember? I whispered into her ears.

Romance? No way. You were never romantic. You don't know what a romance is. 

(True. She's right. I don't know what romance is). 

But you could have taught me Ms. Rudy.

Shut up Mr. Jonn! It's a waste to even think I could teach you romance. Impossible. You don't have it. Why don't you accept?

I was only trying to distract her; distract her before she starts her never ending babbles. Ms. Rudy's a lover. A believer who's long believed in love and she's exactly like the one I met; probably some 30 some years ago. Things did change; except Ms. Rudy. Didn't know it would have been this long before we meet again and recall (probably) the memories.

The Winston. Hobart (Place I thought Ms. Rudy would like before a long talk we've had ahead).

One Broccoli Buffalo Wings. So, what're you having tonight Mr.

Hmm...let's do Southern; and a regular draught.

You're still the same. Beer boy! She chuckled. 

Did you give up on your wine already. If I'm not wrong, wine's your favorite.

Well, of course not. One glass of Breem Creek Red please! She added on the tab. 

Haha, we're still the same.

No, we're not. No way. She hammered.

How come!

Well, Mr. we've yet to unfold 'the stories'; yet to peek into the mysteries; yet to find answers. We've got heaps of talking ahead. And I'll then tell, whether we're still the same or we've changed.

Oh yes, we've got to talk. And I promise, I'll tell you all. Things you knew, things you didn't know. But I have a condition!