Eat, Drink and Be Aware; Nothing else !

Sadhu SitaRam watches vehicles pass by.

Journeying through Highways has become one of my favorite hobbies lately. I ride. I ride through valleys, cultures, places and meet people. Meeting people and sparking a conversation is fun. Fun because then you get to know different insights. Insights about life, journey and perceptions.

I met Sadhu SitaRam around a week ago. He was babbling about almost everything I could imagine. He had answers for commodities, education and wealth. I could only smile while listening to him. I had a long journey ahead so I decided to conclude the talk by asking, 'what's life?'. 

'Eat, drink and be aware; nothing else', Sadhu SitaRam shrugged. Maybe he's right or I don't know.

I noted his address to send him his photograph. His journey towards Pashupatinath and then somewhere he doesn't know left me thinking all my way..........!!  

'...between these two unknowns', says Sadhu SitaRam !

Birth and death; we all move between these two unknowns.
- Bryant H. McGill

I didn't know he loves to choreograph his own pose; sometimes  : )

P.S. These snaps are due to Sadhu SitaRam.

(Update: The snaps were mailed to Sadhu SitaRam. Hope he finds them, finds them soon, finds them in good health)

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