The City of Devotees !

The city of Devotees, Bhaktapur, Nepal

Old age..or may be the religious spirit or a time of the day where you feel like devoting your time to make yourself happy.

I've been always thinking of putting up a blog, a blog to paint my pages with enthusiasm, photographs, stories and babbles. They say, a website has to deliver, deliver objectives to people who stop by. Or tell them 'thank you' to flip to others'. Well, been doing photography of all sort and kinda figuring out where to post 'em. May be this, may be here. 

Traveling is one of my hobbies. I talk too much while traveling. I've this eternal thing that asks me infinite number of questions and that's why can't help myself. They say me 'an interviewer' but I ain't an interviewer. I simply want to know 'what're you upto'. 'What've you been through'. Maybe that satisfies me in knowing what you're thinking. Maybe helps me find out the 'histories' you've witnessed.

I loved these folks. They were so much into singing and making music that I was completely ignored. But I enjoyed framing them. I enjoyed their passion, their humble respect towards their objective and all in all I enjoyed the NIGHT LIGHTS : )

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