Every bird has it's day : p

Posing for a portrait !

I was wandering around with one of my very good friends when we came across this bird. After few sips of a locally made tea, we decided to chase this bird. Chase it for pictures, reactions and probably 'a nice portrait'.

Figuring out a portrait is a daunting task. Portraits are always challenging because you need to work out on the background of the 'to be Portraited' fellow. And figuring out this bird's portrait was even worse.

We were laughing, crawling, bending and doing every possible thing to get a nice shot. And along the way, it kinda started feeling different. Besides, the people around felt weird too I guess. After all, it was just a bird and we were stupids.

Stupid enough to chase a bird for a portrait and then trying to figure out 'what the heck was it thinking'..
So, we came up with some possible 'other side thoughts'. 

You can add yours in the 'comment box' and let us know something we might have ignored while chasing 'stupid adventures of a human mind'.

: )
- what the hell !!

- my portrait ! Yuuuuhoooooo....!!!!

- damn !! I wish I could dress like you !

- idiot ! Wasting time :p

- what the fcuk you lookin' at...

- you talkin' to me...ops


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