The year 2070 !

It's a new beginning every day. 'The new beginning' comes in different ways. Here, in this part of the world, the 'NEW' has come today.

Nepal celebrates a new year today. It's the year 2070 and you can see people making resolutions all over. It isn't a big celebration but still, the day is a good day to decide. Decide to be a new 'YOU' and walk a different strategy.

Strategies aren't applicable when we talk about 'living a life', but they do guide us. Guide us, guard us and shape us towards a path that is full of 'black and white'. 

I can only wish you or wish me for a new journey. A new journey that is full of love, friendship and happiness. We can decide to be content, full and leap towards our dreams. Dreams that are exciting, positive and cool.

Happy new year friends. May the 'hope' and 'courage' be with you.

Always starts with that one 'step' for a someone 'new'.

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