Colleen Hoover, words and the dreams in me !

Words excite me. I instantly fall in love with people who craft stories with words. Stories and words that have tales; tales  that are rich, tales that answer questions and tales that bring something out of you. 

Amazon has become one of my most favorite hang out place recently. I stroll around amazon's e-books world for hours, read stories that are given away as free gifts and then be inspired with the only fact that, I'm alive. Alive to feel different perception of people from all over the world. Ain't this great? 

'Oh yes', no doubt about it.

So I've been pursuing the journey of Amazon's no. 1, Colleen Hoover for the past few days and all I can say is, 'I'm blown away'. Blown away with the way she writes, impressed with the way she takes care and makes the most out of life.

'Life', : )

Life's been a dream to me lately. I dream of things, things I could have done when I had the opportunity. Now, here, all the way inside one of the bustling cities of Nepal, I'm trying to write. Write stories I'd been through. 

There are many. Many that I witnessed, many that I listened. Hope, someday, I'll be able to sit tight and let them come like a noisy and rumbling river. Ah..rumbling huh !!

Well, rivers here are like that. So probably I'm kinda used to seeing the rumbles than the soothing flows. But, like they say, we've got world of our own.

So, maybe, we write our own way. 

'S Stupid' is on the list. I've got to finish this story. It has tales and stories that inspired me to live. That inspired me to walk and let go while you walk.

Colleen Hoover in Amazon

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