Room No. 102

That room no. 102 brought way too many curiosities. I've been kinky about stuffs that didn't quiet make any sense. Yet, I traveled all the way here, looking for some glimpses and answers. She's already gone by now but I never imagined why did she get married. I was coming and I guess she knew it. She knew it that I wasn't going to leave her...leave her on her own to go for decisions. These babbles makes no sense now. I had a dream to hold her, hold her in my arms forever. 

The whispers 'that are still there'

Well, it's 'the part' I guess. We've got to face the many parts of this winding paths. Dreams remain dreams and memories remain memories. Those could be good and bad. Even if they were bad, they became our parts. Our parts that we cherished together. Life's gotta go. She's gotta go too. 

I was happy (guessing) when I was dreaming. Dreamed stories, tales and there are no more of them left. They faded. Faded out of this 'belief' that I had 'one day'. This grin makes me feel stupid. Stupid yet optimistic that I can find someone equally stupid as 'me' someday.
(just my babbles, you don't have to like them or say read them)


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