The precious WHISPERS !

Moments like this come rare. A country where 'wild' is sort of friendly in places like Chitwan, you get to encounter stuffs like this once in a while. Chitwan National Park is home to friendly ELEPHANTS. Besides, if you manage to become a friend of one of the 'MAHUTS', they let you become friends with their elephants too. It just needs a different approach and some friendly vibes and then you start whispering into 'their' ears.

This is awesome. A very recent trip to Sauraha brought me that amazing opportunity to become a friend to one of the MAHUTS. The Mahut Dai was friendly enough to let me come close and hug his elephant. Even though I was allowed to hug, I spared that chance for next (smiles). The Mahuts, one of the most dedicated people, involve themselves in the upbringing of elephants in Nepal. Our good fortune that we get to meet them, become friends and in return, they let us trespass into their territory to encounter some 'wild' that is always a rare stuff for normal people like us. To tell you the truth, one of my all time favorite thing to do is to be as close to wild and nature as possible. And you all might have guessed by now that this is undoubtedly one of my best moments.

Well, can't describe how glad you feel when you approach them without fear. The elephants in Sauraha are friendly (most of the times :p) but you need to be careful at times too. This boy was friendly enough to let me say, what I wanted to say.

And I whispered, YOU ARE AWESOME : )

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