That 'warm' night !

It was cold that night but the aura inside was warm. There were girls, men, workers and all sorts of people. They were gearing up for an event, event of portrayals and joys. The 'invitation only' event expected people from a precise 'interest group', who could understand the portrayals being delivered that night.

It was a 'fashion show'. The shows don't always gather a huge crowd here and therefore, the organizers prefer to turn that to 'invitation only' event. I was fortunate to have made it there; thanks to 'one' of my good friends who offered me a 'free pass'.

I was a hardcore enthusiast of such events long time ago and therefore, I could relate the 'emotions' to 'different mindsets' at that event. It becomes one of the most 'awaited' for some while 'just fun' for many. Whatever that be, it is ultimately a 'journey' at the end of the day.

While I was walking randomly, I found a chair at one of the corners. Bought a bottle of beer and headed to that chair and started to check messages, status and calls on my phone.

'Excuse me'.

I turned around and it was a familiar face. I couldn't exactly tell who the person was but I had to reply.


'What's up?'

'Nothing. What's up with you?'

'You dumb a**. What're you doing here?' 

I was literally shocked to receive such a reception from a stranger. She must know me, I imagined but didn't know how to respond to that question. 

'Sorry, I didn't quite recognize you'. 

'Ya right. See, I told you; you're such a jerk'. She kept going. I couldn't stop smiling but had to guess that she knew me. I apologized for not quite figuring out who she was.

'Really. Is that so?' 

'Sorry Ma'am'. 

'Alright, you wait for some time then'. She left.

I started to cherish the moments and was quite happy with whatever was going around. After some time, models started to set the ramp on fire. Gorgeous ladies and mind blowing attires, it was definitely one of the 'hottest' events I had been to recently. While I was cherishing the night, there was a brief pause and the 'MCs' announced a 'name'. I still didn't care who it was and then I saw that 'the lady' entered the show as a 'show stopper'. I was sorta close to the ramp and I still had no clue of who she was.

She ran down the ramp and went back. I kept looking, kept trying to figure out who she was but couldn't relate her anywhere. Life's a Journey I guess. You meet people, you stumble upon memories, you believe you know people and it goes on. My Journey has had some rough landings and crazy encounters and I still stumble upon people and act crazy. Some remember me while some still try to figure out 'who I was'.

Journeys of our own

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