And then when I thought it was all over........!

I'm quiet. I'm trying to hide. That 'everything' in me has started to fade. I'm no longer 'that me' and probably that's what is destiny. As time passes, you start to realize that things aren't the same any more. Or say, probably, in few people, the enthusiasm never remains the same. I fall into those 'few' and I've accepted that it isn't the same any more.

Life's been good. Out of the numerous moments I've had, I regret very few. I've been loved and sadly, I've hurt. I can never sum it up, it's never good when you know, you've been bad. Ups and downs and then may be, down and downs. For me, it's all going down now. And I'm quiet. I'm trying to hide.

It was a store. I used to work in a store. It was one of the busiest stores in the area and I was the most happening 'life' there. Days had depth. They were making sense. Then one day, a girl walks in. Walks in and shows me the 'glow' she had in her. That was different, different then what I was used to seeing around that area. I was drawn. I was drawn and it made an impression. Days went by and then I started seeing her more often. This went on for many days and one day, I finally asked about her details. She had a complicated explanation and it took me years to solve or say straighten out the complications. The complications were gone before I realized that she was gone too. She left or it was me, I still don't understand. Well, life. Moved on. Never gave it a second thought. 

And then, here I am. After years, there's a knock. There's a knock. Boy, there's a knock. I open and it's her. It's that same glow that's there. Yes, it's her. She's knocking. I am surprised, I have no clue. I'm still to confirm that it's 'that' same glow. She's back. 

But I don't know. I don't know what's next. I'm quiet. I'm still trying to hide. She refuses to let me hide. She knows me. She's shaken things around me. But it's the start. There are complications at both end. We're mysterious. We're both full of mysteries. 

But I'm still refusing to give up. I'll still try to hide. I believe it's better in hiding or there'll be a mess. 

I'm far far away. 

I love to keep it that way.
May be, it's the best.
Best for we, best for all.

Life's round,

Life's short, 
Life's there,
And they'll find. 

You can't hide,

You can't run,
Memories come chasing,
People come chasing.

Well, I'm quiet. I'm trying.

It's the destiny,
It's what I choose,
But alas.

And then when I thought it was all over...life starts. Life started.

(Random babbles...., might coincide)

Have a happy journey folks. 

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