Ghost Road

I've been here for a while now and have familiarised myself with places, roads and what not. Different country, different city and a different University, pursuing what I am supposed to pursue, for the moment even though I don't really fancy the path. But well, gotta do what I've gotta do for now.

There are ghost roads around, may be ghosts too. But not worried and not bothered, to be honest. The last 10 minutes' walk at the end of the day is pretty lonely but getting to and from from my home and the University is a daily schedule now. For many of the people around, this landscape is a regular cross and for me, it's the most familiar one recently. Life's boring. I've made it so, to be precise but then there comes the light, from the end of the tunnel that pushes and punishes me to move on. To keep chasing when there's no enthusiasm at all. All these times, I've been trying to figure out whether the chase is worth a shot and then I look back, the chase so far hadn't made any sense. 

A part of my everyday life at the moment.

They say, keep moving and that's I've been doing but, believe me, it's hasn't made any sense lately. All I wish is to have something good chasing for and I don't seem to get interested in anything any more. This is sad, flat sad. I look back and had so many things worth chasing for but then really never had guts to go for 'em. But well, part of life, part of learnings, part of ups and downs I believe. Living simple, living happy is something I'm doing for now till I find the 'urge' to push it like I used to : )

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