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There used to be days when I spent hours watching Cricket. The game was widely played; in many corners of the world. I had the privilege to spend two of my important student years in India and there is where I started to get to know the game. I used to team up with my cousin brothers and we started sharing the same passion. Even after my return, back to my country of origin, I kept playing it. However, I wasn't in the mood to continue it further, just played here and there, purely for fun.

Sachin's personalized digital Signature for GRU

Cricket worships people with stats. And whenever there's a roll call, one name stands out. He is none other than Sachin. He's got enough stats under his belt to be considered one of the greatest cricketers we've ever seen. The name is a respect in itself. And the good thing is, I got to see the genius play, live.


Sports unite. Being a cricket lover at one stage of my life, I tribute this post for the man who dedicated a major tenure for the game. Many countries seem to have progressed much in the field of Cricket these days and yet, there're numerous inspirational knocks that cricket enthusiasts still get inspired from.

Sachin's personalized signature for NEPTOUR

The man is retiring and the ongoing Cricket between India and West Indies is his last. His departure from the International Cricket is sad but like they say, everything's got to end. The end has come, finally. 


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Some of Sachin's records:

Thank you Sachin.

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